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A little about me...

  • I dance West Coast Swing
  • ...and Now Ballroom (badly)
  • Jazz guitarist
  • Big fan of Bossa Nova and Samba
  • Scorpio
  • Zen Buddhist
  • Toga party expert
  • Amateur dance photographer
  • Love great restaurants


Vanity, All is vanity, so on that note,
here are the best pictures of me
over the dance years.


Jazz and Bossa Nova

I am a former professional musician. I played in a rock and roll band in the late sixties.
Now I play 1930's Jazz and samba music. I enjoy both listening to it and
playing it on my Les Paul. I am also a big fan of Bossa Nova.

Some of my favorite artists....
  • Bebel Gilberto
  • Toots Thielemans
  • Antonio Carlos Jobim
  • Sting
  • Brian Setzer
  • Steely Dan
  • Stevie Wonder
  • Gino Vannelli
  • Gypsy Kings
  • Michael Feinstein
  • Boy Ge Mendes
  • Frank Sinatra
  • George Michael
  • R Kelly
  • Jamiroquai


My Dance Lesson Story

When I was married, my wife asked me to take ballroom dancing lessons. I told her, after I graduate from school, I'll do it. Well, I graduated, but now we're divorced. The irony is that I took a dancing lesson and fell in love. I can't stop taking lessons now.  

My favorite dance is West Coast Swing. 

If you want more information on dance in Dallas,  write to me.

Portrait of the Artist as an Old Man

Speaking of dance, I have also become an amateur photographer of Country & Western dance. I trade these photographic images for dance lessons. While experimenting with slow shutter speeds I made some very artistic photos of C&W dance. 

Portrait of the Artist through the Ages
-- Apologies to James Joyce

Here are photographs of me taken over the years. 



Photos from Germany


Miscellaneous photos


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The Cotton Lofts, Addison Circle
I used to live in a big one room concrete and brick loft.





group.gif (1806 bytes)Photos of friends and family
This is a picture of my late mother carving my name into the sand at a family outing at the lake.
This is a photo of my mother as a very young child.
These are photos of my mother in Europe in the early fifties.
Here is the coolest picture of my parents at the St. Patrick's Day party a the NCO club, 1956.
This is a photo of my paternal grandmother and her husband, from which I picked up my middle name.
Here is a picture of my father sitting at his computer desk.
There are some photos of my former wife's family.
This is a photo of my ex-wife. Another photo in the garden and the patio and Christmas.
Here is another photo of my sister and mom standing in front of the car.
This is a photo of my friend Patty (in her Santa hat) with her two dogs.
Here is mom, sis and Elizabeth standing at the Stoneleigh on their way to Tom Jones.
Here are some photos of Jenne. Jenne is a friend of the family.
These are some great photos of Claudia and I at the Malibu Speedway.
Here's a picture of me and my best friend from high school Ric. This picture was taken at the Steely Dan concert in Dallas in 1994. We also saw them in 2000 and 2003.
This is another picture of me, dad and my sister showing what "asses" we are.
Here's a couple of nice photos of  The King.
My mother and I on the day of my college graduation.
Halloween party at work, 1998.
Mom gets a new car.
Mother and sister at the Stoneleigh P before the Tom Jones concert.
My father in his winning costume at my toga party.
Another of dad without his leather gear on

Here's a photo of my sister in her younger years.

One of my favorite photos of my father. He is pictured with a famous pilot.

This is my friend Stephanie.



Here is one of my favorite quotes from Allen Ginsberg. Definitely a quote from MY generation. A friend of mine, Robert Berman, recently gave a recitation of Howl at Stephen F. Austin university in conjunction with his lecture on philosophy.


University of Texas
at Arlington at Dallas
Bachelor of Science Master of Science
Experimental Psychology Management Science
Information Technology

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Philosophy, Art & Music

These are writers, artists, musicians, whatevers whose works I enjoy, or whose works I don't know anything about, but should. 
All articles blatantly ripped off from Microsoft Encarta.












Again, all articles blatantly ripped off from Encarta.

Restaurants and Food

Favorite places to eat in Dallas...
(don't miss the Sushi section)

  • Obzeet - Talk about weird and out of the way and cool. It started as a coffee bar attached to an antique/import shop. Then expanded it's kitchen to serve food, then added a patio, then added a garden and waterfall to the patio, then added live music on weekend nights. On far north Preston Road, almost in Plano. Run by South Africans. Obzeet means 'Take it easy' in Afrikaans. Totally cool place to sit under the stars and enjoy libations or victuals in a garden setting. Try it out. Take a date.
  • Gloria's Addison - The finest Salvadoran food. Best patio and best Ceviche.
  • Calle Doce - The finest Mexican seafood in the city. In Oak Cliff. Me and my two basketball buddies go here three times a year on our birthdays. Almost everything under ten bucks. Excellent mix of tres chic Oak Cliff crowd. Always lots of DPD eating here. It's safe.
  • Stoneleigh P - Best atmosphere. Best windows. Best place to introduce a date to the downtown ultra chic beer joint set. Best place to discuss Heidegger over a Bass ale.
  • Dream Cafe (Oak Lawn) - Cozy atmosphere, romantic, gay male waitrons are the BEST in Dallas. Sheila's and Connie's favorite.
  • Eatzi's (Oak Lawn and Addison) - best gourmet deli in the galaxy. Great people watching place. Five small tables in back if you want to eat in. Basically high end take out.
  • La Madeleine - Best fast food. All over town. Onion soup, Southwestern Quiche. Best place for long extended conversations, informal meetings places for very small groups
  • Ojeda's (Maple Avenue) - Best straight ahead Tex Mex in town. On newly renovated Maple Avenue in the heart of the Hispanic community. 
  • Ranchito's on Jefferson Avenue in beautiful Hord's Ridge, or as you kids call it, Oak Cliff. Excellent late night mexican with Mariachi. Loud Mariachi. Great food after a basketball game.
  • Cantina Laredo in Addison - Rude waiters. Great food. Busy. Loud.
  • Blue Mesa Grill in Addison - Best Mexican Sunday buffet on the planet. Two best salsas also, red and green.
  • Sambucca in Addison - Expensive fancy place to take a great date! Live jazz music.


I am now a fan! Here are some restaurants where I have eaten.
  • Saki Sushi
  • Hana's
  • Icchin
  • Mr. Sushi
  • Stoneleigh Hotel
  • Blue Fish
  • Rock and Roll Sushi
  • Deep Ellum Sushi
  • Kyoto House
  • Korean Sushi Bar


Some of my all time favorite movies

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